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MyPerfectPenis.com Privacy Policy

1. General Overview of Policy
1.1 MyPerfectPenis.com ("MPP", "We", "Us", or "Our") believes that the establishment of trust and privacy is instrumental to the continued growth of the Internet and the online marketing industry. We also believe the efficient collection, use, and transfer of personal data serves to amplify the development of the Internet and the online marketing industry, provided that such personal data is handled in a fair, responsible, and professional manner.

1.2 We make this Internet Privacy Policy available to the users that choose to give permission to Us to use their email and selected interests for online campaigns (herein referred to as "Opt-ins") and other participants and users (herein referred to as "Participants") of MPP and of Our web site (herein referred to as "Web site") to inform Opt-ins and Participants of Our policies and activities regarding the collection, use and transfer of personal data in connection with the services We provide through or in connection with TML and the Web site.

1.3 Since Our Opt-ins and Participants may come from many different countries and jurisdictions, We also agree to meet, and where possible exceed, internationally recognized standards of personal data privacy protection, in complying with the requirements of applicable laws. As used herein "You" or "Your", as the context requires, refers to the individual Opt-in or Participant registering, accessing, using, browsing, or otherwise contributing personal data to Us in connection with the Web site or any services We offer ("Services").

1.4 By using, accessing, or browsing the Web site or Services, You agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Internet Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions in this Internet Privacy Policy, then do not opt-in or attempt to use the Web site or the Services.

2. Children
Minors are not eligible to become Opt-ins or otherwise use the Web site or the Services, and We ask that they not submit any personal data to Us through the Web site or otherwise.

3. Collection of Data
We collect personal data (i.e., any information relating to an individual, including, without limitation, name, address, email address, demographic data, interests, etc.) and business data (i.e., any information relating to the company, including without limitation, name, address, email address, nature of business, demographic data, etc.) from Opt-ins as part of the registration process for Opt-ins, or when You submit comments or other correspondence to Us through the Web site, or otherwise in association with Your use of the Web site or any services offered by MPP. We may also collect personal and business data from You through the Web site by using cookies, click trails, or other methods of monitoring internet usage (i.e., if you open an email sent by us and if you click on a link in the email).

4. Use, Disclosure, and Transfer of Data

4.1 We will keep all personal and business data disclosed to Us confidential, but may use and disclose the data that We collect for a number of purposes, including: (1) maintaining and administering the Web site and any services offered by MPP; (2) to provide any current and future services We may develop and for Our current and future business purposes; (3) following up on comments and other messages that Opt-ins or Participants submit to Us through the Web site or in connection with any services offered by Us; (4) compiling statistics of the use of the Web site, and services offered by MPP, or any portion thereof, including without limitation in connection with monitoring efficiencies and performance characteristics of the Web site or any services offered by MPP, and performing such other analyses We deem appropriate; (5) conducting marketing and promotional efforts for Ourselves or any third parties; and (6) liaising and communicating with government agencies and/or departments.

4.2 You also acknowledge that We may transfer or disclose Your personal or business data to other persons or entities in connection with the aforementioned purposes.

5. Correcting, Updating, and Removing Data
Pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations, if You are an Opt-in You may have the right to: (1) check whether We hold personal or business data about You; (2) request such data; (3) require that we correct any data relating to You which is inaccurate; or (4) request that Your data be removed from our database. If You are an Opt-in and you would like to utilize any of the above stated options please email
info@myperfectpenis.com so that We make any necessary updates or corrections.

6. Data Security and Integrity
We have put in place certain technological and procedural security functions in order to protect the personal and business data that We collect, use or transfer from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. When Your data is no longer required for the purpose(s) for which We collected it, as set forth above, We will use commercially reasonable efforts to remove or delete such data from Our records or storage media. However, We cannot guarantee that any loss, misuse, alteration, destruction, or retention of data will never occur, and We make no representations or warranties to such effect.

7. Third Party Web sites and Service Providers.

7.1 The Web site may provide links to or from third party web site (herein referred to as "Third Party Sites") and We may offer features on the Web site or in connection with any services provided by MPP, which will require that We provide some of Your data to third parties offering such features (herein referred to as "Third Party Service Provider"). To the extent that any Third Party Site or any Third Party Service Provider requires any of Your data in order for you to link to or use their web site or services We will use commercially reasonable means to notify You of the specific data We intend to provide to such Third Party Site(s) or Third Party Service Provider(s). By using such features or links through the Web site, You authorize Us to transfer Your specific data to such Third Party Site(s) or Third Party Service Provider(s).

7.2 We may also receive and collect personal or business information about You from Third Party Sites when you use their web sites and services, and such Third Party Sites or Providers forward Your information to Us when You use or access the links between such Third Party Sites and the Web site. By using such links and using and accessing the Web site or Our services, You acknowledge that any such personal or business information received by Us shall be subject to the terms of this Internet Privacy Policy.

7.3 You acknowledge that each Third Party Site and Third Party Services Provider is independent from MPP and Our Web site. We do not make any representations or warranties with respect to any Third Party Site(s) or Third Party Service Provider(s), and do not accept any responsibility for any use You make thereof. You should be aware that the owners and operators of such Third Party Sites may collect, use, or transfer data under different terms and conditions the MPP Accordingly, upon linking to any Third Party Site, We recommend that You immediately inform Yourself of the privacy policy of such Third Party Site.

8. Amendments
We reserve the right to amend this Internet Privacy Policy in Our sole discretion at any time without prior notice to You. Any future amendments will be posted on the Web site, and will be effective upon such posting. This Internet Privacy Policy was last updated on Jan 20, 2007.